cursed earth

Writer's Block: Freewill vs. fate

Is love destined or is it a choice?
I think, love is destined. Because in every love stories I know, whether it is a fiction or the real one, when someone choose their destined love one, their love life would be just like fairytale: live happily ever after. I, myself, never experience any love story before. So.., maybe I will just wait for the destiny.
cursed earth

First Entry

Okay..This is my first entry, Not the first in making a blig though, but this is the first real entry I publish in the web. I make this anonymous because that's the point of me making a livejournal so I can write and share my stories without being recognized as me. Sorry, pals. But, I really like being anonymous. You won't like me as much when you know the real me. Trust me. So, just deal with it.